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How Many Arrows Does It Take To Hit Your Target?

February 19, 2023 Gregory Angello Season 1 Episode 8
Planet One Podcast
How Many Arrows Does It Take To Hit Your Target?
Show Notes

Greetings and welcome to another Planet One Podcast on the Freedom Network! I hope you are all doing well! Greg Angello with you on this Sunday in February, 2023.

We just got over Cupid's Arrow from Valentine's Day, and some of us got hit by the arrow, some of us got braised by it, and some of us were a miss!

On this one, I discuss what are the arrows and what is the target, and bring in some of the recording from this past Wednesday's Mindset Motivation and Coaching discussing this exact topic. 

Now, this may be something you have never heard before, or perhaps not from this perspective. So, I encourage you to listen through and determine who or what is your target.

Thank you for being part of our Planet One Podcast family, as we make our 8th episode since our launch in January 2023.

Please share this with anyone you care about or think may benefit from it. Your comments are very well appreciated. Please keep them coming!

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Until next time, for Planet One Podcast, this is Greg Angello on the Freedom Network.  Be kind to one another - Love one another --Take care!