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Are You A Conductor A Ninja Warrior Or Just Totally Unprepared?

January 28, 2023 Gregory Angello Season 1 Episode 4
Planet One Podcast
Are You A Conductor A Ninja Warrior Or Just Totally Unprepared?
Show Notes

Greetings all and welcome to the Planet One Podcast! Greg Angello with you on this chilly January day and so glad to have you here!

In our new podcast launch this month in January, we just hit our 4th episode!! will take you to the others.

Now, this is not about pencils or social media.... this podcast will take you to new heights, new places, where no mountain is high enough, no valley low enough, no river wide enough... to stop you.

I illustrate how musical conductors are able to orchestrate with hundreds of different instruments and bring them together in harmony. How Ninja Warriors can battle from any angle and are ready for what ever comes their way.

So often our lives can seem chaotic similar to what a Ninja Warrior faces or hundreds of sounds coming upon a conductor; the question is --- can you embrace each situation and answer each situation fluidly? Do you respond or do you shut the door, closed the blinds and turn off the lights? What is your response?

If you follow me on this Planet One space ride, you'll hear how this all comes together. How I am now able to handle situations unlike before without having to run to the bottle for a drink to handle life's problems. Maybe you will relate --- maybe it will strike a note!

Stay with me on this one... you'll be glad you did!

Please share this with anyone you care about or think may benefit from it. Your comments are very well appreciated. Please keep them coming!

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Until next time, for Planet One, this is Greg Angello on the Freedom Network. Take care!